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Project Began: January 2009
Project Completed: April 2011

The project made significant changes to the exterior to open it up to day-lighting and views, adding 22,000 new square feet consisting of meeting space and a tiered classroom, created a new entrance on the south end of the Library wing, and reconfigured the current main entrance. New building systems – HVAC, electric, and plumbing – were added as well as new state-of-the-art technology to support current learning techniques and student needs.


The newly-renovated CSU-Pueblo Library and Academic Resources (LARC) Building incorporates a host of sustainable and energy-efficient features, including comfort systems employing the latest in electricity-saving features, such as variable-speed motors, “Chilled Beam” technology for cooling, heating and ventilation, low-maintenance recycled materials in flooring and wall finishes, and reduced-use water consumption systems for domestic and landscape purposes.

Existing building structure was totally re-used, construction waste was recycled, and extensive exterior window openings were added for visual comfort and day-lighting of spaces. The result is a modern, exciting, and comfortable building that reduces its total impact on the environment while providing visionary spaces and technology available to students, faculty, and the Pueblo region.